As we build our business, we are committed to continued climate action and implementing strategies to reduce our environmental footprint. 

Here is what we're doing to help fight the impacts of climate change:

  • Purchase of 50 acres of bushland in the Hawkesbury, NSW - protecting wilderness areas in Australia and offsetting carbon emissions of the manufacturing and delivery of our products
  • We have Pledged 1% 
  • Sustainable sourcing of our ingredients 
  • Fully recyclable postage packaging 
  • Our vitamins are packaged in a foil and plastic blister pack. Unfortunately, due to regulation, this part of our packaging isn't recyclable. Through innovation and research we hope to be able to use 100% recyclable materials in the future
  • Participating in Not Business As Usual
  • #89 Patreon subscriber to Just Have a Think 

Very recently our property bought for conservation was burnt in the NSW bushfire crisis. In the video below our co-founder Gordon discusses the experience and explains the damage to the land and wildlife.