What benefits will I get from Clariti?

Clariti tablets: 
- Support clarity, focus and mental concentration 
- Support learning and information processing 
- Maintain memory 
- Support cognitive function 
- Support mental endurance
- Assists the body to cope with environmental stress
- Reduce and relieve symptoms of stress               
- Help synthesis of neurotransmitters 

How often should I take Clariti?

Two tablets a day. 

Is Clariti vegan?

Yep, sure is. 

Is Clariti organic?

Whilst we believe that we have made Clariti with the highest quality products available, we can’t say that they are organic. There are elements that are not organically derived. This is unavoidable.


Subscription FAQS:

How do I subscribe?

When shopping, choose the subscription option and your order will automatically be renewed each month. Shop for a subscription here

How often will I receive a shipment?

Monthly! As always, shipping is free of change across Australia. 

Can I cancel? 

Create an account with the email you have purchased Clariti with, you can then skip or cancel your order when you like.

If you already have an account you can login from our homepage. 
You can also email hello@xootro.com with your request and we will get that sorted for you. 

Is Clariti non-GMO?

Sure is. Clariti does not contain genetically-modified ingredients or materials sourced from GMO ingredients. 

Where is Clariti manufactured? 

Clariti is proudly manufactured in Australia, using local and imported ingredients. 

For instance, Rhodiola Rosea is only grown in a select number of alpine areas in Asia and Europe. The encapsulation of Clariti is undertaken to stringent standards by a licenced manufacturer in Australia, in accordance with the TGA’s Good Manufacturing Guide.

Do you store my credit card information?

Our payments are processed through a secure payment service so we don’t need to save your payment details.

Can I buy Clariti in-store? 

For your convenience and to cut out the middle man, we sell direct to you to keep the cost down and provide the best value to you that we can.