We Bought a Forest

It sounds surreal, that an individual can buy a forest. 

Home to majestic trees, koalas, wallabies, possums, lizards, native mice, bees, insects and birds in an ecosystem of such dazzling diversity and beauty, I am constantly in awe when wandering through the trees.

It is our home now and we feel so privileged. 

We bought the forest to ensure its protection. Many talk of the need to protect the environment, but we wanted to do more than talk, so we made it happen. Now, we live it.  

The forest is in the Ecoregion of ‘Eastern Australian temperate forests’ and biome of temperate broadleaf and mixed forest Australasia. 

It is native Australian Eucalypt forest of around 50 acres, that borders the Parr State conservation area that itself borders the World Heritage listed Yengo and Wollemi national parks. The property is surrounded by pristine World Heritage forests just 30 kms from the edge of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Sydney.

Buying this forest is the start of our efforts to preserve and protect nature and maybe help fight man-made climate change. Together we will save more natural systems. We hope, much much more because mother nature needs all the help she can get to save us from ourselves.   

It’s also a call out to big business, because if a family with a small startup can buy a forest, then imagine what they can do.

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