Rhodiola Rosea, Batman's secret herb

In the movie ‘Batman Begins’, Bruce Wayne climbs a snow capped mountain to pick a single delicate flower. The flower is his ticket to join and train with the League of Shadows in their mountaintop monastery. The rest is Gotham City history.

That little flower sourced from a remote mountain top mirrors Rhodiola Rosea, aka Rhodiola or golden root. Because Rhodiola is an ancient herb sourced from a few frigid sub-arctic and mountain tops in Russia, China and Tibet.

What makes Rhodiola so special? Well, it can’t be cultivated to produce the same compounds that have seen the use of Rhodiola skyrocket in Europe and China.

Use of Rhodiola Rosea in Australia is  limited as the herb is not well known here.

Let’s look at why that may change.

Why would you want to take Rhodiola anyway?

Beyond Blue state that 45% of us will experience a mental health condition in our lifetime.

Two million of us suffer from anxiety. Every year.

That’s an epidemic that casts a shadow over our lives and causes incalculable harm and pain.

Our modern world is partly to blame. The constant demands on our attention and the need to keep up with the Jones’s is a trap that is hard to escape.

I suspect that for many enduring stress and anxiety, many suffer in silence, not seeking professional assistance or wary of pharmaceutical ‘solutions’.

That’s where Rhodiola comes in, because Rhodiola is an adaptogen. More on that soon.

What’s stress and anxiety got to do with Rhodiola?

Wild sourced Rhodiola Rosea contains salidroside and rosavin, which is extracted from the roots of the plant.

That’s a very good thing because the salidroside and rosavin compounds are believed responsible for antidepressant and anxiolytic actions.

In case you were wondering, Anxiolytic action is a fancy term for ‘inhibits anxiety.’

It may work like that initial feeling from your first sip of wine or beer after a gruelling day at work. Calming right?

Salidroside is the link to Rhodiola being an antioxidant. Antioxidants may protect our cells from free radical damage.

Most importantly, Rhodiola is an adaptogen. Basically, an adaptogen is a substance that may increase resistance to chemical, biological and physical stressors and promotes normal physiological function.

Rhodiola Rosea benefits

The potential benefits for our health and wellbeing is where it gets really interesting for Rhodiola use.

Orally, Rhodiola is used for increasing energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity.

Indeed, the Chinese and Europeans having been using Rhodiola root extracts for a millennia. Legend has it that the Vikings used the herb to promote strength and physical endurance.  

For us non Vikings, it’s suggested that Rhodiola has great therapy to declining work performance, headaches and fatigue following intense physical or intellectual strain and other illnesses.

Indeed, multiple studies suggest that Rhodiola exerts an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental

performance; ‘Supplementation favorably influenced fatigue and mental performance in physicians during the first two weeks on night duty’.

That’s why we are so excited about Rhodiola Rosea in Australia and including this wonder herb in Clariti. Clariti is our unique formulation designed to do two things -

1. Support mental endurance + learning and information processing and

2. Assist the body to cope with environmental stress + relieve symptoms of stress.

That’s a one-two punch combination to maintain mental performance and reduce the debilitating negative impacts of stress.

There are studies that suggest that Rhodiola may improve physical performance.  This could be the edge that many athletes strive for. Certainly, this suited Vikings.  

Rhodiola Rosea in Australia - Trend predictor

Rhodiola Rosea use in Australia is in its infancy, but that could be about to change as Australians learn of the benefits of the herb prompting its growing popularity in China and Europe.

That’s understandable considering the potential health benefits may include;

  • As an adaptogen to help the body resist physical, chemical and environmental stress

  • Improve mental fatigue and general well-being

  • Reduce general fatigue

  • Increase energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity

  • Support mental focus

It’s hard to believe that Rhodiola can have so much potential, but then again, the League of Shadows realised the power of rare and beautiful alpine plants and look what a small flower did for Bruce Wayne.

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