5 Health Benefits You Probably Didn't Know About B Vitamins

Balance is undoubtedly at the core of every healthy body, so when we hear our health professionals telling us about supplements to help maintain this balance, we often nod our heads buy what's been suggested from our local supplement store and go on our way. Perhaps the most highly suggested class of supplements are those of the B family. These are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play a fundamental role in much of our bodies operations, from energy levels, brain function, mood and even cell metabolism. But with so many varieties in B vitamins, it can be difficult to understand how each class contributes to our bodies. 

Not knowing exactly what we are putting into our bodies can make finding the perfect health balance tricky, particularly when we pair it with our diets that also help contribute to our vitamin intake.

So, in an effort to better educate those trying to consider their supplements, we’ve highlighted 5 impressive health benefits you probably didn’t know about B vitamins. 

Fight Anemia with B12

B12 (cyanocobalamin) plays a fundamental role in the building of red blood cells and the generation of healthy nerve cells in the body. As adults, we only require 2.5 micrograms (mcg) of this vitamin each day, with the exception of pregnant women who require between 2.6 and 2.8 mcg. 

Without balanced levels of B12, the human body can develop a condition called Anemia which accounts for a lack of generation of red blood cells causing the body to become weak, fatigued, constipated and depressed. Recent studies have also linked a lack of B12 to the extended damage of nerve cells that can increase the likelihood of serious illnesses such as dementia. 

Naturally, you can find B12 in dairy products, fish and meat, particularly in whole eggs and salmon.

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with B6

A super vitamin that contributes to over 100 enzyme reactions in the body, B6 help us metabolize amino acids from food and boost the production of healthy red blood cells. According to ‘Everyday Health’ B6 may also be linked to lowering the risk of heart disease in adults. A lack of B6 can lead to memory loss, body weakness and depression. 

B6 is naturally found in fish, beef liver potatoes and non-citrus fruit.

Create Super Hormones with B5

Adults require around 5mg of B5 (pantothenic acid or calcium pantothenate ) per day as it helps break down carbs and lipids for energy consumption. Taken orally B5 contributes to fighting dandruff, depression, diabetic nerve pain, enhancing immune function, improving athletic performance, tongue infections, baldness, grey hair, headaches, low blood sugar, insomnia and irritability. Sounds like a bit of a super vitamin right? But these symptoms all whittle down to our hormones working correctly, healthy hormones that B5 helps produce. 

Natural B5 is found in cabbage, potatoes, dairy and beef liver. 

Protect Your Baby with B9

Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is another fundamental vitamin that contributes to human growth and continued brain development. Many health professionals recommend an intake of 400 to 500 mcg per day for most adults, with expectant mothers required to take around 500 mcg. Beyond its role in brain formation, B9 has been linked to preventing birth defects that relate to the neural tube (spine and brain). It has also been linked to increasing energy and helping fight nausea in expectant mothers. 

B9 occurs naturally in dark-green leafy vegetables, asparagus, brussels sprouts, oranges, nuts, beans. Clariti also contains 200 micrograms of folic acid! 

Turn Food Into Fuel with B3

B3 (nicotinic acid or niacin) helps break down food into brain fuel. Females require at least 14 mg a day, whereas males require 16 mg. A lack of B3 can result in some seriously detrimental side effects that include fatigue, confusion, extended mental difficulties, diarrhea, inflamed membranes and dementia.

B3 occurs naturally in enriched breads, nuts, legumes, fish and lean meats. 

There is no doubt that when it comes to the healthy development and function of the human body, B vitamins play a huge part. While a healthy diet speaks wonders for maintaining a solid B vitamin balance, taking a healthy supplement often just ensures we’re helping ourselves get the most out of our bodies. A smart choice for this often sees the introduction of a vitamin B complex which marries all of the best vitamins into one super capsule, such as our very own Clariti.

Each Clariti capsule contains:

  • Calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) 27.29 mg 
  • Thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1) 5 mg
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 5 mg 
  • Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) 25 mg 
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 5 mg 
  • Folic acid 200 microgram 
  • Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 75 microgram 

You can shop Clariti here!

We always suggest consulting your health practitioner before you begin adding vitamin supplements into your diet. 



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